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Why Blinds Make Better Window Treatments Than Curtains

Your curtains may have made quite an impression on your interior décor when they were brand new, but with time, they are bound to lose their lustre steadily. Regular laundering coupled with exposure to direct sunlight can wreak havoc on the fabric, subsequently transforming it from bright and colourful to dull and boring. Fortunately, switching up your window furnishings does not have to be a laborious endeavour. A quick and easy way to make the change is by switching to blinds. In fact, some people may even venture to say that blinds would be an upgrade for your home! So do blinds really make better window treatments than curtains?

Blinds allow you complete light control

Natural illumination may be a symbol of intelligent architectural design, but in Australian weather, it can quickly become the bane of your existence. Temperatures in the summer can reach scorching degrees, and the glaring light can make it difficult to sit comfortably in your home, whether you are working on a laptop or just watching television. Drawing curtains may block out some of the light, but these drapes will not have any impact on the radiant heat permeating through the windows.

Blinds would be an ideal alternative as they provide you with full light and thermal control. Blinds that have been coated with an ultraviolet layer can significantly decrease the radiant heat that is absorbed through your windows. Moreover, since blinds are outfitted snugly into the window frame, you can be assured that light will only stream through according to how you adjust the blinds.

Blinds give you a multitude of material choices

If you are an individual that is drawn to textures and are looking to add some depth to their interior décor by incorporating different tactile surfaces, blinds would be a great way of accomplishing this. Curtains may come in a broad range of colours and prints, but the drapes are all made from fabric. With blinds, you get the creative license to base your choice on material on whatever works best for your specific needs.

For example, if your décor theme is predominantly rustic, natural wood or faux timber blinds can easily complement your space. On the other hand, if you are leaning toward a contemporary theme with clean lines and sleek surfaces, aluminium binds can tie up the entire appearance of your space. Moreover, most materials that are used in the manufacture of blinds are incredibly easy to clean since they do not absorb and harbour grime like curtains are sure to do.