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3 Key Features to Look For in a Restaurant Sunshade

If you want to install a sunshade over your restaurant's outdoor dining area, then you have to factor in a few specific needs. While commercial sunshades do the same kind of job as domestic ones, you're likely to need a more robust solution. What do you need to think about before you buy a sunshade for your restaurant?

1. Customer Comfort

Your restaurant's sunshade needs to make things as relaxed and safe as possible for your outdoor diners. They need to be comfortable enough to sit outside for the duration of their meals. If someone isn't happy and you do not have space for them to move indoors; they might simply leave. So, look for a sunshade that covers all of your outdoor dining area. This way, everyone benefits from the shade's protection.

To keep things cool and safe, look for fabrics that block or absorb the sun. This keeps out UV rays and prevents the area under the sunshade from getting too hot. Mesh fabrics are worth looking at as they also offer some added ventilation. It's also important to think about waterproofing. Your diners will not want to get wet while they are eating. Fabrics with waterproofed coatings or treatments, like PVC, are a good option here.

2. Safety and Stability

As well as creating a comfortable area for outdoor diners, a sunshade also has to be robust and secure. For example, you need a solid frame that can withstand adverse conditions such as high winds. You don't want the frame to collapse on your diners.

It's also a good idea to look for shade materials that can cope with unexpected damage. For example, some hard materials might crack and break if something falls on them. Softer materials might tear. Tensile coverings often cope well with unexpected damage; they tend to bounce back if something falls on them.

3. Long-Term Good Looks

Sunshades look great when they first go up but they can start to look tired and old quite quickly if you don't choose the right covering material. Some fabrics fade in the sun; others might be prone to mould and mildew growth. Cheaper fabrics might fray, sag and look dirty quite quickly.

Your sunshade says something about your restaurant. You want it to look good for as long as possible. So, look for materials that won't be affected by sun damage and that are robust enough to stay in place for as long as possible. Easy-clean fabrics are a good option here. You can give them a periodic clean to keep them looking good.

To learn more about suitable products and materials for your restaurant, ask commercial sunshade suppliers for advice.