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How to Increase Your Home's Security Without Compromising Its Appearance!

Increasing your home's security can be easy, if you don't mind compromising its overall appearance! Adding lots of security cameras and floodlights around the property can keep intruders at bay, but these types of security features can also make your home look like a compound, and not a welcoming, restful retreat. If you want to increase your home's security without compromising its appearance, note a few tips to keep in mind.


Consider the type of fencing you have on your property, and if it can keep someone from getting into your yard. A simple chain link fence is very easy to climb, whereas a mesh fence with a small mesh doesn't offer much of a toehold for climbers. A black or slate grey mesh fence can also easily improve the look of your property.

A wood slat or picket fence that's old and weathered may be easy to just pry apart, so someone can then slide through the fence and into your yard. On the other hand, a metal post fence with pointed finials at the top is very stately and elegant, but also difficult for someone who might try to climb it! You can even hang flower baskets from a metal fence; these enhance the appearance of your property, and can also get in the way of someone trying to climb the fence.


Floodlights are very unattractive for a residential home, so use solar lights inserted in the ground, to help illuminate areas where a burglar might hide. Choose an attractive design or shape for these lights, and have them line a walkway so that they look like part of the landscaping and not an afterthought.

Inside the home, leave lights on when you're away, so the space looks occupied. Choose soft lamps to keep illuminated rather than bright floor lamps, so that the home looks more welcoming when you arrive.

Security screen doors

A security screen door can look much better than bars on a home's entryway, and can even enhance the space. Security screens can be shaped and moulded to incorporate a wide range of designs on their front, including scrollwork, geometric shapes, and lettering. Security screens can also be made of just a mesh panel, and the mesh itself can also be fabricated into any number of shapes and sizes, from squares that work well on a modern home, to honeycomb shapes that look cosy and natural. A security screen door can also be powder coated any colour, so you don't need to settle for an industrial, bare metal door.

For more information, contact a company that specializes in security window screens, screen doors, and the like.