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3 Ways To Make Your Home's Windows More Secure

Windows are an incredibly important feature of a home. They're your eyes to the outside world, add style to your decor and provide much-desired natural light to the interior of your home. Unfortunately, your windows are also one of the most vulnerable entry points to your home, with many burglars gaining access to homes via windows.

For this reason, your windows need to be secure. Here are three ways that you can make your windows more secure and your home safer for you and your family.

1. Add security screens

Security screens are the best way to make your windows secure. They're ideal because they work when the windows are closed or when they're open, allowing you to feel safe while still allowing fresh air into your home. However, choosing the right security screens is vital.

Not all security screens are created equal, and many won't stop a determined intruder from accessing your home. Opt for security screens from a trusted brand, such as Crimsafe security screens, which have been proven to be stronger and more reliable than cheaper and less robust versions.

2. Add window locks

Most windows only have a latch on the inside that keeps them safe from illegal entry. Unfortunately, these latches are often fairly flimsy and can be forced open relatively easily by would-be burglars. Adding locks to your windows makes them virtually impossible to open without breaking the glass, which is a big deterrent to burglars who want to remain undetected.

The best locks are those that are key operated. They can be manually bolted while you're at home or securely locked by key for when you are out of the house. Window locks can be retrofitted to your existing windows, and there are a variety of different models available for different window types and materials.

3. Add security film

Another way to increase the security level of your windows is to add a specially designed security film to the surface of the glass. These films are made from a thin but very strong material that makes the glass much more difficult to break while holding the pane of glass together if it's impacted.

Security film is a particularly good choice if your windows are an older style. Typically, the glass in older windows is far more brittle and easy to smash. Window film has the added benefits of providing UV protection for your windows and can also be used to enhance the privacy of your home if you opt for a tinted film.