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6 Reasons to Choose Blinds Over Shutters

Both blinds and shutters can cover your windows to shut out light and provide privacy, but there's more than a few reasons why blinds are more popular. Here are just six reasons you should pick blinds over shutters.

1. Less Obtrusive 

One of the main differences between shutters and blinds is that shutters are fitted to the window frame whereas blinds are fitted into a window recess. Shutters also take up a lot more space since they can only be folded back rather than rolled up or collapsed. The upshot is that shutters are very obtrusive. They look nice when they cover the window, but they stand out when you open them.

2. Lower Cost

Whether you look at blinds or shutters, prices are going to vary according to style and material. That said, blinds will almost always cost significantly less than shutters. They don't need the same amount of raw materials or level of craftsmanship to create, and they can be fitted much faster than shutters, which need to be anchored at multiple points along the window frame if they are to last.

3. Versatile Appearance

Shutters can be painted different colours, but the vast majority are of the same style and come painted white. If you want something a little more interesting, you should choose blinds instead. There are vast variety of patterns, colours, and styles available to suit any interior.

4. Multiple Materials

Blinds are also versatile in terms of material, and that's more important than you might think. If you're covering windows in a room prone to moisture problems, for example, you don't want wooden shutters that could swell and suffer damage. However, there are blinds made from materials like plastic or vinyl that don't suffer such problems, so this doesn't need to be an issue.

5. Lighter

As mentioned above, shutters are significantly heavier than blinds. This makes them unsuitable for some window styles, and it also makes it more likely you'll need repairs in the future. Each shutter moves on several hinges, and it doesn't take much for those hinges to fail. Any repairs will be time-consuming and expensive.

6. Easier to Adjust

Finally, blinds are much easier to adjust than shutters. Yes, some shutters do incorporate adjustable slats, but they only let in light and air across sections not taken up by the supporting frames. Also, you need to adjust each set of slats separately. With blinds, you can adjust all slats at once across the entire surface of your windows.